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Growing up in Connecticut Rick has always had a passion for music. As a child he would spend hours listening to all types of music trying to memorize the words. In his teens he would make cassettes called Rick's Mix to play at parties. During that time he also was the morning announcer in jr. high school and would say the pledge of allegiance, weather, and sports scores.


In college he started to DJ parties and bars and nightclubs in the Connecticut and Massachusetts area keeping up on the newest types of music. In the early 90's Rick got a big break and landed a job at WKSS-FM in Hartford, Ct. as the prize patrol driver for the morning show, "Savage in the Morning". Over time he became the morning show producer and had an overnight shift on the weekends. All the while DJing in area bars and clubs. He then got the morning show producer job for the "Sebastian in the Morning Show" on WCCC-FM in Hartford. 

From there he landed a very short gig as a Production Assistant on the short lived "Chevy Chase Show" in Los Angeles, Ca. His passion for the entertainment industry found him working for Director Peter Bogdanovich on a movie called "This Thing Called Love" and a "ShowTime" special. Rick lives in the San Francisco Bay area working full time in the hospitality industry. He owns a party DJ company called "RICK'S GOT MUSIC" and DJs weddings, events, parties, and fashion shows. He is a regular guest host on The Shopping Channel, does voice over, print and television commercial work as well. Thinking of getting married? Look no further! Rick is an ordained minister AND can DJ your wedding! 

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